Granite is a naturally occurring stone that is quarried. It is an igneous rock that is composed various rocks and minerals. The colouring of granite varies not just from site to site, but within the stones themselves. Granite is durable and strong, however, it is a naturally porous rock and must be sealed. Post fabrication, your granite worktop is sealed in our factory using the latest up-to-date impregnating sealer. This sealer has a 15 year performance warranty. This effectively means that you need never seal the worktop again. Impregnating sealers work by repelling liquids rather than blocking the pores of the stone. The reason is so that air can still move through the pores allowing the material to ‘breathe’ naturally. It is the best technology available to protect against staining while preserving the look and natural integrity of your surface.

Quartz worktops are manmade engineered stone using 90-95% quartz, resin, pigments. Often, quartz worktops are made to simulate natural stone, however, some worktops come in hues not seen in nature. Quartz is durable, strong, and nonporous. It requires no sealing and is easy to clean.